Learning or improving your Spanish skills is one of the most beneficial moves you can make to strengthen your professional position as well as enrich your personal life and expand your horizons! And, it is well-known that studying a foreign language is good exercise for the aging brain. Open doors—expand your mind! See our website to discover how many options we have for you at WEEKEND en español!

Overview / Sobrevista 

We are San Francisco educators dedicated to providing you with natural, whole language immersion experiences that make learning Spanish rewarding, satisfying, and fun, while you are achieving real linguistic goals.
Our teachers come from many countries and backgrounds, and have the common goal of helping you achieve fluency. We are based in San Francisco, CA and Oaxaca, Mexico, but we will travel to your site if you have a group! Our uniquely fun and challenging courses include: 

Group Classes
Private lessons
Total immersion Spanish Retreats
Medical Spanish
Full Immersion in Oaxaca, México
Custom corporate packages

We also offer conversation parties, educational materials and translation services --all for the student seeking to learn Spanish, to strengthen their communication skills, for work here and abroad and for the joy of personal saitisfaction in increased self-expression and communication.  Don't let Spanish stop you, let Spanish help you!


"Hispanics are becoming America's largest minority, Latin American countries are our most important trading partners, and being able to speak Spanish greatly enhances your resume."


Are you a beginner? Have you always meant to get started, but somehow always postponed it? Do you need to jump-start your skills or get back into Spanish
after years of absence? Join us and become fluent today!

You can Sign up here or you can also contact us at (415) 923-0754 or at weekendenespanol@icloud.com


Update from November 2017:

Due to the fires in the north, we will not be holding our Nov 10-12 Retiro/Retreat, and due to the earthquakes in Mexico, we will not be holding our holiday/year-end SEMANA en español in Oaxaca, Dec 21-Jan 3 this year.  Our sympathy and compassion go out to those who have suffered from these sad events.